Save those noisy squeekers, blowers and balloons until the end so no one is driven mad during the party! If having balloons then tie them up and hand them out at the end as a going home present.

Make sure there is a table or a place to put the presents. These can then be opened AFTER the party. This is so you will ‘know who brought what’ so the ‘thank you’ letters can be sent.

Book your entertainer and send out your invites EARLY! If someone else in your child’s class plans a party on the same day it can cause lots of problems and may end up with YOU having to change your plans.

Discourage adults other than family members from staying at the party. If they Insist, gently remind them that the quieter they stay, the better the child’s party will be! More parties are spoiled from the din from chattering adults than for any other reason. That said, parents who do sit quietly are always more than welcome.

Do hire a professional entertainer to run your party. It’s a worthwhile investment and will save YOU a lot of hard work. Remember the entertainer will have had lots of experience and will know exactly how to make your party a success.

Try and have the food in a separate room, so that if anything gets spilled the party continues in another area – safe and dry! Never serve ice cream, cakes etc during the show as that is asking for trouble. Most of the food will end up on the carpet and their sticky fingers will get everywhere!

Tie some balloons on the door or gate, as this will guide everyone (especially jester) to the party.


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